Meet Sarah


You, my friend, are an adventurer. Yes… you.

Whether your adventures happen in your own back garden, between the pages of an old book, or across oceans you have an adventurer’s heart. And that makes us kindred spirits.

Brew yourself a cup of tea and I’ll tell you how this love letter began.

My name is Sarah and I’ve always been an explorer at heart. My years as a Girl Scout put me on my first airplane trip to a high ropes camping adventure in Michigan. Then as an undergrad at MUW I knocked out my foreign language requirement with a trip to Mexico.

After college I worked at a theatre for a year in Washington D.C. and then went to grad school in London, which put all of the United Kingdom and Europe at my fingertips.

Throughout all my travels one thing stood out to me. Taking where you live for granted is universal. Whether in Mexico, D.C. or Great Britain the locals went about their daily lives largely ignoring what made their homes extraordinary.

Surrounded by castles and history I saw as magic my unbridled enthusiasm began to have an impact on my British friends. “I’ve never been there myself. I should go there sometime.” became a frequent refrain when sharing my weekend travel plans. (One of the best things about Europe is how everything is packed so closely together! Just like Neverland.)

This was echo of the D.C. locals I’d met who didn’t take time to visit the Smithsonian or Botanical Gardens unless guests came in to town. We all do this. We all overlook the magic of what makes where we live unique. But it’s nice to remember that our day to day is someone else’s exotic.

(My sister once had an Australian penpal who was so excited to hear that we had squirrels in our yard. This from the land of kangaroos and wallabies. It’s all about perspective.)

I’m passionate about recognizing and and cultivating micro-adventures into our daily life.

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